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The biggest river island in Meghalaya and the second biggest river island in Asia, Nongkhnum River Island is packed with nature's wonder. The island has a beautiful waterfall and a sand beach that offers a lot of different activities for the visitors ranging from basking in the sun, boating, fishing, camping etc. 

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Place of Interest / Things to do
Weinia waterfall
Weinia waterfall

One of the major attractions of the island, the Weinia waterfall lies on the Kynshi river and is formed by the river splitting into two and pouring into a deep gorge. The Weinia Falls provides a distinctive picture because of a double-arched bridge in the background. 

Kyllang Rock

Kyllang Rock is a massive dome-shaped rock of granite, located about 2 hours away from Nongstoin near Mairang. Apart from the giant monolith, the presence of rare white rhododendrons scattered across the depressions and green oak trees also adds to the appearance. 

Kyllang Rock
Mawthadraishan Peak
Mawthadraishan Peak

The biggest visual attraction of Mawphanlur is the verdant scenery. Picturesque high-altitude meadows here sprinkled with small lakes and cottages will fill your heart with awe. The summit offers a magnificent view of West Khasi Hills towards the east, Bangladesh towards the south and the great Himalayas towards the north. 

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