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Kodaldhowa Lake

Situated at about 8 kms from Zikzak, is the famous Legendary Lake known as Kodaldhowa. It is said this tank was excavated to wash the spades everyday while digging kata beel. The locals in Hajong language called this tank Kodaldhowa which means “Kodal” spade and “Dhowa” means wash Kodaldhowa spreads over an area of 14 bighas of land. Nearby the lake is a small temple which has a small underground shaft used only during religious ceremonies. This temple is a huge attraction for the tourist and ever year hundred of people flock to this temple during the annual mela.

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Do.bul Lake at Damalgre

Do.bul Lake is a natural Lake located at Damalgre Village about 35 km from Ampati. The size of the lake is 4 hectares approximately. This lake is an Ornithological hotspot known for its abundance of varieties of birds, both indigenous and migratory. It provides an ideal opportunity for bird watchers and wildlife photographers to watch them undisturbed in their natural setting, especially during winters when the lake is bustling with hundreds of waterfowls and other migratory water birds like Siberian Cranes, pelicans, white storks and ducks. For nature lovers and kids, the place is an ideal place to spend a wonderful day in the lap of nature.

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Chandi Dare

Another waterfall in the district is Chandi Dare- a beautiful two tiered waterfall. It is connected with the main road by a Kachcha fairly motorable road. Vehicles such as jeeps, Gypsies, Maruti 800s etc. Can get there easily.

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Mesak Dare

Just 2 km from the Rongram Bazaar-this waterfall is also an ideal spot for picnics and tourist spots. The villagers have recently declared the water reserved and hence fishing is not allowed. The route leading to this waterfall is motor able to about 2/3 of the length during the rainy season. However during winter, it is motor able right up to the waters. It is a perennial waterfall and does not dry up even during the winter when the rainfall is negligible.

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