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Travelling from Shillong to the International trade route border town of Dawki is a splendid drive of 95 kilometres passing through deep gorges and ravines, which is certainly a thrilling experience. On approaching Dawki is the Umngot river, the venue of the annual boat race held during March - April at Umsyiem. The Umngot river is the natural boundary between Ri Pnar or Jaintia Hills with Hima Khyrim of Khasi hills over which is a single span suspension bridge was constructed. This is the gateway to Bangladesh where major export and import transactions take place.

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Place of Interest / Things to do

Shnongpdeng is a small village on the banks of Umngot Riverwhich has emerged as an epicenter of adventure activities. There are campsites between the villages of Shnongpdeng and Darrang. A number of water sports activities are offered by these camp sites and operators one can opt for staying in a home stays in the villages. Keeping the environment and cleanliness of the river water no motorized activity is available here.  Average rates are as given below:

  • Local Boating-> Rs. 500 per Boat-> 40-45 minutes.
  • Kayaking-> Rs. 500 per person-> Unlimited time
  • Snorkeling-> Rs. 500 per person-> Unlimited time
  • Cliff jumping-> Rs. 500 per person-> Unlimited time
  • Trekking-> Rs. 1000 per person-> One day
  • Zipline-> Rs. 300 per person-> One time
  • Scuba Diving-> Rs. 3000 per person-> 40-45 minutes

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Dawki Bridge and Jaflong Zero Point

Close to Dawki boating point, is a suspension bridge constructed by British in 1932. This bridge is crucial acting as an international trade highway between India and Bangladesh. One has to cross this bridge to reach Dawki village and border areas. Just after crossing the suspension bridge comes Jaflong Zero point. Near the Zero point is the international border across the river. 

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