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Located in the northernmost part of Bhutan, the picturesque setting of Gasa is the one to admire. Thetown is also known to have wonderful trekking sites and relinquishing hot springs. Gasa's natural beauty isn't the only thing that attracts the visit, it's a natural park that houses the very rare white leopard also attract worldwide tourist.

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Jigme Dorji National Park
Jigme Dorji National Park

Covering an area of 4,316 sq km the Jigme Dorji National is the second largest national park in Bhutan and the most biologically rich area in the Eastern Himalayan region. The park is home to exotic animal species including snow leopards. Flowers such as the national flower blue poppy, edelweiss, orchids and rhododendrons can also be found in this alpine region.

Gasa Tshachu

Gasa Tshachu is a spectacular natural hot spring located on the western side of Gasa close to the bank of Mo Chhu River. It is one of the top tourist destinations attracting approximately 3000 visitors every year. The road, however, is not well constructed due to which one needs to trek for an hour and a half to soak in the healing water of Gasa hot springs. Used for centuries by the locals, the Gasa hot springs are a set of four ponds about three feet deep, each for a different ailment. After the bath, you can choose to visit the Lhakhang dedicated to Dendup Norzang, the local deity of Gasa. 

 Gasa Tshachu, Bhutan
Lunana Village, Bhutan
Lunana Village

The picturesque setting with misty mountains and lush green forest, the Lunana village in Gasa attracts offbeat travelers from around the globe. The place is ideal to skip the concrete jungle and plan a gate away in the womb of nature. The landscape here is unspoiled from the modern preservative.   

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